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* If you wish to apply for opening franchises, please attach the application form which is downloadable from the website.

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A franchise development officer takes care of the franchising aspect. The franchising officer sets the requirements for franchises and assesses franchise applications. This is done by conducting a thorough feasibility and location study for each franchise application. The background and commitment of the applicant to be a partner of the business is also determined.

Today, Colette's Buko Pie at Pasalubong produces a minimum of 1,000pies daily and a maximum of 5,000 pies during peak seasons. In 2002, Colette's Home of Quality Pies adapted a new packaging and logo with a new name, Colette's Buko Pie at Pasalubong. Under the new logo, Colette's promises to have the same great taste and same affordable price of its products. However, it vows to be more dynamic and aggressive while making customer satisfaction its priority.

  • COLETTE’S Buko Pie and Pasalubong business name and trade mark
  • Utilization of COLETTE’S Buko Pie and Pasalubong business system
  • High quality product line
  • Profitable business venture
  • Low Franchise Fee
  • Credibility of the COLETTE’SBuko Pie and Pasalubong name recognition
  • Site selection assistance and evaluation
  • Training
  • Opening assistance
  • Effective Field Service
  • On-going operational support
  • Procurement Program
  • Operational Manual

  • Individuals or partnerships with business knowledge
  • Majored person, strong leadership and people-handling skills
  • Good moral character
  • Hands-on management or a family member has to look after the business
  • Willingness and ability to undergo and successfully complete the training program.

Franchises are awarded nationwide. The following spaces are needed:
  • STORES: between 30 to 40 square meter
  • KIOSK: 3x3 meters or 9 square meter (with separate production facility)

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